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tv   Right This Minute  KICU  May 23, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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kaine. hello, everybody. i'm beth troutman. if you love great videos before they go viral this is the show for you, "right this minute". . a bizarre sight as scalding water floods a bus and the driver jumps out. >> but he did not open the doors for the passengers. >> see the terrifying rush to escape a boiling geyser. new video of that scientist who had tolimb out of a crevasse. video just nerve-racking. >> now feel the pain of every step on his life or death
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journey to the surface. >> hopefully i can get out. >> i went in today and he is 22 pounds. >> a vet takes a dog in bad shape and turns him into a champ. >> he looks so handsome now. >> yeah. >> what the doctor discovered that led to one remarkable recovery. see the l.a. beast take the thousand year old food challenge. >> once you start you can't stop. >> stop gagging, that is. there is no one word to describe this video from eastern siberia. that is steam from a geyser that erupted. according to reports the bus driver was trying to go around a hole because a drainage pipe was damaged but they said by him going around the weight from the bus was too much and damaged the
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pipe further and that's what caused this boiling geyser. >> that hot steaming water going through that bus is cooking these people. >> the guy in the orange jump suit you could tell how hot the water was. >> according to reports the bus driver was scalded by hot water and jumped out of the bus but he did not open the doors for the passengers. he must have been in such great pain his first reaction was to get out of there. one witness said to a newspaper, quote, i couldn't see who was inside. there were only hands sliding on the misty glass. this appears to be once everybody is out of the bus. 11 people were injured including five teenagers. seven were hospitalized and two women are in serious condition. most have burns, but others have cuts from broken glass. one rescuer said two more minutes and all the people on the bus would have probably died.
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there's a right way to use a motorcycle and then a wrong way. let's see the wrong way first. this guy, 21 years old, apparently a chef in hong kong, just warping the scenery around him going about 167 miles per hour past traffic making everything look like a blur. >> better watch out. he's going to be a piece of raw sushi on the ground. >> he's going to have raw booty buns. >> like fileted meat. >> two videos unloaded the second video i can't see it but apparently somewhere in this second video here this guy blitzes past a cop. i never saw the cop. extraordinarily dangerous obviously. >> he hasn't been caught? i don't think any of the cars he's passed are fast enough to catch him. >> he has been caught. he was arrested and released on bail. he claims wasn't me, don't see
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my face so it's not me. set for a court date this summer. a right way to use the motorcycle. this is freestyle motorcyclist tom pageant. watch how he does this. >> that's like a curly q. >> a backflip for the motorcycle and not tom. he get office the bike in midair. the bike does a backflip. here it is again. he manages to get back on the bike and land. >> he didn't really have a running start. >> i don't know how you know what to do once you're in the air how to spin it all around and stay. how does that work? it's the video and the story that's really taking the internet by storm. we had it here first on "right this minute." >> i'm pretty [ bleep ]. >> john all fell 70 feet through this crevasse in the himalayas. >> thankfully i didn't keep falling. >> doing some research. he's a professor at western
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kentucky university. >> i got to get back up there though. >> john has posted some additional videos from his crazy climb. >> my right arm i can't use it anymore. >>. i can't talk because i have a broken rib or my chest is filled with blood or something. i fell all the way down there. i crawled out. >> you can see in this video, even this crazy moment he's crazy injured he can mark out his path. >> i have to crawl through there, try to climb up through this thing. >> in a number of times through these videos he says -- >> i'm so close. >> he's climbing out of his grave. >> you look up and see light. >> all the way up over up over. [ bleep ] close. [ bleep ] i just got to go a little further. i can do it. >> despite his insane amount of
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injuries he got out of the crevasse. we had john on our show and talking to him about how he got us. >> i knew if i fell any time or tired four or five hours, i would fall to the bottom of the crevasse. >> he told us why he started filming in the first place. one of his friends, you remember this. >> he caught his foot and broke it. took a video of himself with the broke be foot. >> sorry, mom. >> >> that was something his friends and friends could understand if he died he expressed himself the last few minutes. >> hurt bad. >> john went through the laundry list of crazy adventures he's done already in his life. >> i've been traveling around the world, spent my life doing research in crazy places. i've been wandering through marijuana plantations in mexico,
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people point guns at me in africa. >> he told us he can't be cooped up too long. >> i have two weeks to rest and then leaving on an expedition of 20 some people to peru. >> he's banged up but not going to stop this guy. >> i just got to go a little further. i can do it. >> i have a couple videos for you guys that are real nail biters. this first video is footage from a train in maitland florida. >> oh. >> are you kidding me? >> come on. >> oh, my gosh. >> oh, boy. why would you stop there? >> let me tell you the story behi this. is kristen taylor didn't stop there. there was a brand new car she purchased and wasn't used to driving a stick shift. stalled the car out just before the safety arm came down. you see her narrowly escape what could have been certain death. she gets out seconds before the train hits her car. >> this is why i don't want to learn how to drive a stick.
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i see this happening to myself. >> this angle from inside the train. you can see the conductor and see the moment that he realizes what he's about to hit. >> looks like he tried to slam on brakes but it's not like a train can stop on a dime. >> luckily he had already started to slow down to a degree because he was coming into an area where he needed to stop. this next video is from south yorkshire england. notice there's a guy on the platform. according to police that is 21-year-old nathan barker an you see nathan get down on the tracks just after a train passed through the station. there is a train approaching the station. you see nathan waving his arms trying to alert the train he's there on the tracks. >> it's like he's hailing a cab. >> yes. >> you can't hail a train. >> according to reports this man was under the influence of alcohol and possibly drugs at the time this incident happened.
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watch this moment as the train comes into the station. >> watch. >> this bozo boneheaded move caused a 90-minute delay for 12 different trains. >> he got really lucky the conductor saw him. i'm thinking it's dark. >> not so lucky because nathan barker appeared in court and pled guilty to obstructing the railway and he was sentenced to 16 weeks in jail. >> geez. >> look at that buzzard circling him. it's like he knows. >> jax the dog is skinny and starving so a veterinarian. >> took the dog in and said he would care for him as long as he could. >> see what dr. matt did to give jax a second chance. plus it's a crazy scene when a man dumps gasoline on a woman's car. >> and she's trying to drive away before he's able to light that car on fire. >> why she was trying to escape from more than one kind of flames. what are you up to?
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they say that dog is man's best friend but this video proves sometimes man is dog's best friend. i want to introduce you to jax the puppy you see there and dr. matt, a veterinarian. he says jax was brought in, very underweight with a lot of problems. >> i weighed him today and he is 22 pounds, which is way too skinny let me show you a good
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side view of him. you can feel his ribs, see his hips and you can feel his bones everywhere. >> this is a 10-month-old puppy. he was not gaining any weight. so when dr. matt got him he started doing some tests and says for the dog to be treated he has to get a very expensive enzyme to sprinkle over his food. the family says they can't afford it. they were going to have limb put down. dr. matt said he would care for him as long as he could. jax by a riverbed. notice that. that's a buzzard. >> look at that buzzard circling him. it's like he knows. >> the doctor takes an x-ray to see what's going on with the dog. >> we took him to surgery and cut opens his intestines and it was full of long strands of grass and gravel and dirt and leaves and all kinds of junk. >> what was that dog eating? what was that dog eating?
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the field. >> sometimes dogs eat grass when they have stomach issues and that's probably what he was doing. >> i mean, really gross, but it's super interesting they're able to figure out what is going on here. >> well, eventually he recovered. this is him after the operation and dr. matt talks about it. >> he's eating on his own ever since. it's been three weeks today let you to jax, 2.0. notice -- >> he's completely different dog. >> jax has a new family. he has been adopted. they're going to take jax in. >> that's great. he looks so handsome now. >> dr. matt says he should live a nice long healthy life. >> police in jackson county, alabama, thought they were dealing with a partially burned car, civil matter. social media showed them something very different. this video posted after police
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discovered the partially burned car. here you see a guy walking out to that woman's car. looks like he's dousing that car with gasoline. you see the woman get in and then she's trying to drive away. police allege that's james ray mcelroy lighting the woman's car on fire. they believe that's his girlfriend that he's trying to set fire too. >> they think this is the result of a domestic dispute and she was trying to get away and he was trying to prevent it setting her car on fire. >> that's what this video appears to show and that's what the investigation now is trying to unravel. >> i don't know if you can mend your relationship after i set your car on fire. >> syou shouldn't want to mend that relationship. who posted the video? >> no reports on where this video came from and who posted it on-line. to me it appears it was security footage at a nearby house that captured this scene in the distance. >> she had to have been scared to do that. she was scared of this guy willing to risk her life to get
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away from him. >> no reports of any injuries to the woman in the car but james ray mcelroy was arrested and he's facing charges of attempted first degree assault. these guys don't have time to take a survey until -- >> can you stop for a couple questions? >> the survey next "right this minute." >> still to come, when two extreme sports collide you get -- >> skyacing. >> how this freefall ride makes a splash. >> this dude wants you to keep your paws off his pet. >> the reason behind his strict command. >> the reaction is mixed. some people like it, most people don't. p toto y youou...... ththey're momorere t thahana pet so protect them, with k9k9 advantix ll itit's's b broroadad s spepm protection kills fleas, ticksks a andd mosquitoes too. k9k9 a advdvanantitix l fofor r ththe e loloveve o g
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. closed captioning provided by -- like us on stay in touch all day long. now back to the show.
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want to teach you guys about an extreme sport i guarantee you never heard or seen before. called skyacing. this is miles dasher credited with creating skyacing where he flies out of a helicopter, he pulled a full front flip as he exited the helicopter. now he's cruising down freefall style and circles a couple of times before he pulls his canopy, there it goes. red bull up in the air, of course. but watch this as he continues to steer down towards this lake in mexico. >> he lands in the water. >> not only does he land in the water but he flies right between those two jet boarders, bounces off the water, pulls another 360 before he comes to rest and let out a big -- yahoo! >> can you imagine how cool that is. >> to be able to have the presence of mind to maneuver
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between those two jet boards, come on. that's incredible. >> yeah! >> one thing to note as miles goes, see the gopro. >> i was just going to ask if we have that video. >> i think miles wished he had that video too because watch, there it is, he bounces, flips over. >> no. he lost it. >> the gopro gets wiped off when he flips the kayak. >> oh, no. ten bucks says two years from now we're still doing the show and somebody finds it t tak and footage. >> most dog owners spend a lot of time to train their dog to do the right thing. this guy has a message for all the people who maybe aren't dog owners. >> you see somebody walking down the street with their dog and the dog is being good, and heel, don't whistle to it, don't say a [ bleep ] thing. never indicate to the dog anything.
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the dog is being good. if you like encourage the dog to come over and be petted by you, and it's on a leash, the owner is going to have to correct the dog. you're get the dog in trouble you [ bleep ]. >> this is peter kaine, a professional dog trainer. he's the owner and operator of read your dog in brooklyn, new york. and he put this message out on-line to basically tell everybody else, let the dog be. this is not your dog. >> when i pass a dog on the sidewalk i don't stop the dog. >> a lot of people are compelled by the cute dog and want to interact. >> he has a few more things to say. >> if you see a dog that's tied up outside a store like this you should leave the dog alone. if you walk up to the dog and the dog gets excited and jumps on you and you start petting it you're training the dog to jump on people. you're a [ bleep ]. leave everybody's dogs alone. >> it's good information. it's things i wouldn't have known or thought about. i'm not dog trainers. he's presenting it partially but
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it's good info. >> it's his harsh approach that's getting attention. it's gotten nearly 40,000 views and the reaction is mixed. some people like it, most people don't. most people are offended. i think this guy spent so much time training dogs he's tired of people untraining the dogs he's trained. >> the l.a. beast is attempting to one up another competitive eater. >> so he is doing the thousand year old egg challenge. >> i can't believe i'm going to do this. >> see if the beast takes this one like a champ. >> oh.
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>> back in february, matt is a competitive food eater, had a challenge for the l.a. beast. >> today to show the l.a. beast how a real man eats a burrito. >> oh, yeah. the burrito challenge. >> the l.a. beast. >> l.a. beast here. >> not one to miss a challenge said all right. >> this is the thousand year old preserved duck egg challenge. >> he went through all matt's videos and discovered that matt didn't do a very good job eating these thousand year old eggs. ♪ so he is doing the thousand year old egg challenge. >> i can't believe i'm going to do this.
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>> oh. >> so the challenge here is to what? to eat faster? >> he says matt did not do a good job with the thousand year old egg challenge. >> matthew decided to call me out three months ago. >> l.a. beast. how are you? >> bad move. now matt stoney, i'm going to show you who the real baby is. >> as you can see the clock is running. the first one is not tasty, neither are the rest of them. ♪ >> the gas mask goes on a little bit. >> once you start you can't stop. >> here's the last one. >> have a good day. >> he beat matt stony at his own game did it under two minutes and 30 seconds. >> i'm the l.a. beast. matt stony that's how you thousand year old duck eggs like a man. have a good day.
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>> that's going to do it for "right this minute." thanks for joining us and we'll see you next time. safeway gets that staying on budget can be a real bear. that's why they've got lots of ways to save. real big club card deals, the safeway app and gas rewards. this week, get a taste of summer with fresh sweet corn, 8 for just $2. grill up rancher's reserve ribeye steaks, only $6.99 a pound. and arrowhead water is just $3.33 a case.
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there's more savings to love... at safeway. ingredients for life. hi, everyone. i'm beth troutman. it's time for the best videos from the web, "right this minute." a drag racer makes a command decision and -- >> drives straight into the wall. >> see why the crash wasn't even the worst part. it's a full-on brawl after an inmate brandishes -- >> a handmade shank. >> what happens when other inmates fight back with chairs. help arrives for a fox in trouble. >> this thing doesn't give any resistance. >> see the baby who bonded with his rescuer. and how to get free food and drinks by -- >> pr


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